Friday, July 24, 2009

Shocked by an Electrician

Yesterday was a busy day for John and I. We had a ton of things to do and nothing seemed to be going right. Even the computer was sluggish causing me great anguish. I think I had to re-boot it three times during the day which added to our stress.
It was at one of these moments where everything just seized. I had several customer emails to read and the compute froze again. While trying to unfreeze my page I glance down at the time on the screen. It read 12:34 pm. I hollered out to John, "It's 1,2,3,4. - which to me represents a time I have arranged with my deceased father that I would think about him. As I looked at the clock, I received a gentle reminder that today was the anniversary of my father's death, July 23..., 24 years ago. I conveyed that to John and he walked by me.
The computer was reset and John and I decided to take a lunch break. We were on the couch discussing our plans for the day when I asked John if he knew what that humming noise was. John said, " There's always noises in this house..., the fridge fan or the pool filter." I kept listening as we talked and thought, nawh, that's neither of them. It had a throatier sound. As we got up to continue working I suggested that if felt like the air conditioner was on because the room was cooler. Even with the windows open I could feel the coolness. John got up and went over to the vent under the window and stated, "the air conditioner is on." I asked him when he turned it on, since our summer thus far was cool and didn't require the A/C. John went to the thermostat on the wall and saw that it was completely off. Our A/C only works when the thermostat is set for cool and is actually on. John stated that he did not turn on the A/C and went downstairs. I looked out the back window at the A/C unit and saw that the fan was in fact on. I could hear John in the basement below me banging around. He returned to tell me that the fan on the furnace was on and the breaker for the A/C was not on. He stated that he turned it on only to hear a loud grumbling noise in the furnace. He turned everything off for about half an hour and turned it on. There was no banging noise nor did the A/C unit go on again. Everything was as it should be.
Later I conveyed this happening to my friends on "Plurk". It was John that suggest that maybe it was my dad manipulating the A/C as a reminder that he was around on this day. I thought it clever because my dad, in life, was a master electrician. Way to go dad..., you got my attention - Love you!!
Love and Light,
Anne ^i^


  1. What a cute story! Pops just wanted to say hi, hehe.

    Little things will happen to me, too, and am positive it's my brother trying to say hi as well. Although freaked out at first, I look back with a smile.


  2. Michelle I'm sure it is him. :D

    I will be writing about other peoples experiences if you would like to send them to me.

    Here is my email addy if you are interested.

    Anne ^i^

  3. I truly believe that Dad was there with you, Anne! Sometimes I feel his presense too.
    And what better why to communicate then with something he knew best - electricity!
    I know he's very proud of you!
    Thanks for sharing this experience -- I miss him too but know that we'll all meet again in a better place.

    Love and hugsssss
    Susan xo


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