Saturday, March 20, 2010

The spirits are active

I truly love when spirits make themselves know to us. It is comforting when one of our loved ones on the other side moves objects or speaks out loud in an attempt to make us aware of their presence.

Our home is full of oddities. From the lady in the white dress the wanders the stairs and hallway to the cowboy in the basement that sends chills down your neck when he is present.

Since March break commenced we have experience a few more of these anomalies than usual.

Yesterday John and I were sitting on the couch in the living room relaxing for a moment. Our son and youngest daughter were in the family room just down the hall. I could hear them commenting on the movie they were watching. As John and I stared out the front window in silence we both heard what could only be described as a door handle turning and a door opening. Five seconds later we heard the door close. I looked at John and asked, "aren't the kids down here?" He replied, "I thought so." I called out to the kids and they both answered from the family room. I called in Chris and explained to him what we just heard. He went upstairs and hollered out. "My bedroom door was closed (as we know it always is) and now it's open and my weights are moved.

We looked at each other again and smiled. This visit was more obvious and deliberate than most and it was during the day.

This morning I slept in while John got up to make breakfast. When he left the room he closed the door, as always. I crawled out of bed maybe 10 minutes later and went into the en suit. Another ten minutes later I opened the bathroom door and noticed our bedroom door was half open. Odd, because our door is imbalanced and swings open and hits the wall every time it is not closed. As I looked at the still and half opened door it started to open very slowly and stopped short of hitting the wall.

Not concern but pleased in a cheeky way I checked the hallway and the kids rooms. Renee, my youngest was still sleeping in her bed. I could hear my son and husband downstairs talking. I asked them both, and Renee later, if anyone of them opened my bedroom door. They all reply, no.

I am quite excited about this activity and wonder what they have in store for us next.

I might add that we do protect ourselves from negative entities with prayer and meditation. So whatever, or whomever, rather, opened the doors is a positive entity.

Thanks for dropping by.

Love and Light.
Anne ^i^

Friday, February 19, 2010

They see the light

Today while I was out with my husband thoughts of my deceased sister crossed my mind. Her imagine in my head was stronger than usual. It was as if she wanted me to tell my husband she was around. When I did he stated, "maybe it's because it's close to her passing date." Surprised at myself that I didn't realize this, I agree.

As we continued to drive I received other messages. Mary conveyed that her passing occurred on my nephews birthday - the 19th. Thinking back a week earlier it never dawned on me why the number 19 was so prominent in my head. I didn't make the connection.

Excited about this revelation I sent an e-mail to my mom and sisters for confirmation. It was conveyed to me that Matthew was born on the 19th. However Mary's passing from this plane to the next was on the 23rd, coincidentally the same date (23rd) as my father's passing. Mary had suffered a bi-lateral stroke as a result of complication that developed after her hip surgery leaving her in a coma. To qualify my ignorance of this fact - I am one of seven children and all of my sibling have children in which I know none of their birthday's.

Later in the evening during a candle lite bath Mary's spirit returned to me. I spoke to her out loud to her, as I always do. She repeatedly referred to the 19th as her birthday not passing day which I found comforting. At one point during this conversation I realized that I was naked. I wondered what is was she looked at when we chatted. I asked my sister if folks on the other side watched us in the bath, shower and during intimacy. But before my words passed my lips she responded.

"I see you as you would appear here, as the light." In my mind she showed me laying in the tub. What I saw was my silhouette and a straight white line that went from my head to my groin. She continued, "When you see me in your thoughts and dreams you see me as you remember me in human form - the body. " She conveyed that when I dream of someone and I don't see them I know instinctively who they are. It is their light, their soul that I recognize. Mary also conveyed that when she passed she recognized my father and dog as they appeared here in body. In time the body imagine disappears and soul takes on its true form - the light.

It all made sense to me. It is only a human to think that they, our loved ones, can see us naked and vulnerable. But, according to my sisters spirit, they see the white light, the energy force in which we came.

Love and Light

Anne ^i^

Friday, July 24, 2009

Shocked by an Electrician

Yesterday was a busy day for John and I. We had a ton of things to do and nothing seemed to be going right. Even the computer was sluggish causing me great anguish. I think I had to re-boot it three times during the day which added to our stress.
It was at one of these moments where everything just seized. I had several customer emails to read and the compute froze again. While trying to unfreeze my page I glance down at the time on the screen. It read 12:34 pm. I hollered out to John, "It's 1,2,3,4. - which to me represents a time I have arranged with my deceased father that I would think about him. As I looked at the clock, I received a gentle reminder that today was the anniversary of my father's death, July 23..., 24 years ago. I conveyed that to John and he walked by me.
The computer was reset and John and I decided to take a lunch break. We were on the couch discussing our plans for the day when I asked John if he knew what that humming noise was. John said, " There's always noises in this house..., the fridge fan or the pool filter." I kept listening as we talked and thought, nawh, that's neither of them. It had a throatier sound. As we got up to continue working I suggested that if felt like the air conditioner was on because the room was cooler. Even with the windows open I could feel the coolness. John got up and went over to the vent under the window and stated, "the air conditioner is on." I asked him when he turned it on, since our summer thus far was cool and didn't require the A/C. John went to the thermostat on the wall and saw that it was completely off. Our A/C only works when the thermostat is set for cool and is actually on. John stated that he did not turn on the A/C and went downstairs. I looked out the back window at the A/C unit and saw that the fan was in fact on. I could hear John in the basement below me banging around. He returned to tell me that the fan on the furnace was on and the breaker for the A/C was not on. He stated that he turned it on only to hear a loud grumbling noise in the furnace. He turned everything off for about half an hour and turned it on. There was no banging noise nor did the A/C unit go on again. Everything was as it should be.
Later I conveyed this happening to my friends on "Plurk". It was John that suggest that maybe it was my dad manipulating the A/C as a reminder that he was around on this day. I thought it clever because my dad, in life, was a master electrician. Way to go dad..., you got my attention - Love you!!
Love and Light,
Anne ^i^

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Help from the Other Side

Some times we receive help from the other side in the most unique ways.

I have been experiencing terrible pain in one of my molars. It has been paining me for about two weeks now. I know I should have made an appointment with the dentist, but put it off. I haven't had the best of luck with my teeth and figured this wasn't going to be any different - root canals, heavy drilling - yuck, no thanks. I'll endure the pain for now.

Being the weekend no-one was going to be open and I wasn't going to spend 6 hours in the emergency department so that that the doctor can tell me that I need to see a dentist. Bullheaded comes to mind when it comes to my health. It can wait.

Last night I was in agony and by the time I went to bed my face was hot and throbbing with pain. John, my husband, was sympathetic but was helpless in trying to alleviate my discomfort. I watched the clock as each hour passed. If I could just fall asleep for a short time I wouldn't feel the pain. At about 3 a.m. I had taken as much pain as I could endure and went hunting for the Advil. I knew my oldest daughter had taken a couple the night before for a headache, so finding them was my challenge. Quietly, I crept around the house looking in all the usual and unusual places for the container. After an exhaustive search, to no avail, I returned to my bed.
John was struggling to find a comfortable position with his bad hip and I the same with my mouth. I laid there thinking that in the morning when I find the pills I will have relief and can take a nap to catch up on my lost sleep.

While I laid there in a twilight sleep a loud thump startled me into a full revive. John was not effected by this, but as I moved about John awoke.
He turned to me and said, " I just had a dream that you found the Advil. You said you found it on the floor beside your bed."
Always curious about dreams I asked for the details. "Who told you where the Advil is?" John sat up fully awake and pointed to the floor on my side of the bed saying, "You told me that you found the Advil and it was on the floor beside the bed." I turned on the light and leaned over the bed. There on the floor, exactly where John said it would be, were my Advil.
Totally floored by this revelation I took 3 of them and closed my eyes. I recall waking briefly after that and not feeling any pain. I thanked the spirits for delivering that message to John and went back to sleep.

Love and Light,

Anne ^i^

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Validating Lucid Dreams

Several years ago I had a recurring dream. It always carried out the same way. I'd be standing outside a huge barn looking up at the roof. It was unique in that half of the roof was covered with grass which seemed to be built into the hillside. (The picture shown is what one might imagine I saw in the dream.)

In a heart beat I was in the barn walking around. There was a vintage car and a wall of boxes obscuring it from the open barn doors. On the other side of the boxes was a wood burning stove. I recall the floor being dirty with grease spots. From there I was on the roof with my family doctor - Rx, I will call him. He and I were looking down a large hole in the roof and were holding onto a short rope. At the end of the rope was my son, Chris, and he was only about 10 years old, suspended high above the ground. Chris was able to climb up to the opening and just as we were about to pull him out, he dropped to his death. I knew he was dead and looked at him motionless on the ground.

From there we, Rx and I, were sitting outside a bistro enjoying the company of another couple. We were celebrating some sort of graduation and Rx was laughing and talking very loudly which was visibly disturbing a blonde woman at the next table. In this part of the dream I was Rx's wife and the woman at the other table, his real wife, was the stranger. They bickered back and forth for a short time and then the scenario changed.

From there I wandered away into a beautiful lush field of grass. I walked for some time until I arrived at a white garden gazebo that stood alone in the middle of nowhere. I instinctively knew it to be located on the grounds of a seniors' residence.

These scenarios repeated night after night with the same clarity as they did the first night I dreamt them.

In reality it was about this time that my family experienced frequent illnesses that required a visit to our doctor's office. It was my turn to visit Rx for some unknown reason. Before getting up to leave his office, I wanted to tell him of the recurring dream and that he was in it. Curious, he prompted me to elaborate on the details. I told him about the barn with the grass on the roof and described the interior. With a look of surprise. He said, "you have just described my barn and there is grass on half of the roof." Rx confirmed every detail from the vintage vehicle and wall of boxes to the wood burning stove. He didn't connect with the hole in the roof other than the stove pipe.

As for the bistro, Rx told me that his wife's hair was blonde and she was upset with him. I didn't know the connection with the seniors' residence until I had subsequent dreams that took me there. It was as if I were receiving the foundation of something epic to come.

These dreams always seemed to fall on the night before a doctor's appointment, as if deliberately arranged by some unseen force. The following short scenarios, all recalled from memory, were conveyed to Rx and each one was validated by him to be true.

I told him I dreamt of a woman by the name, Shirley. I was shown that she had cancer and she was connected to a female by the named of Sharon. Rx suspected that I did some research before coming to seeing him. But I insisted I did not. Shirley is his aunt and she had a relapse in her cancer. Sharon is Shirley's daughter, his cousin, who is going through a rough time with her boyfriend. Although the information was not earth shattering it was the stepping stone for bigger things to come.

At another visit I recited a list of names, apparently patients of his, that were dying of cancer. He concurred that the list of names I gave him was, in fact, correct.

On a subsequent visit I told Rx that I had a dream of a man that look like Andy Warhol, with white unkempt hair and an ashen complexion by the name, George. I recall seeing the man in a seniors home and the nurse saying, "The room is available now." I told Rx I didn't know what to make of that dream. Rx confirmed first by saying, "Your freaking me out! I did have a patient by a name close to that and the reason he look ashen was because he died last night in a seniors' residence and the nurse did say the room was available."

This went on for months and months. To the point where one day, I was walking down the street with my husband and I said, "We're going to run into Rx today." Just around the corner as we approached the bakery, Rx exited it and jokingly raised a paper bag to me and asked, "OK, what do I have in the bag?" I chuckled and said, "I don't know what's in the bag but I did have a dream of you in the hospital standing near a low wall where you placed a stack of papers and a note addressed to you that read, "Thanks Rx from Jackie." I asked him what the fluorescent stickers were. Rx, seemingly amused by the details, nervously chuckled and added, "I find this all so entertaining because I was given bio hazardous material stickers from a woman by the name, Jackie, to put on the metal supply shelves." I was on a natural high every time he validated my dreams. I wish I could say the same for my poor doctor. After a while I could see that he was physically shaken by my visions.

My dreams span over many years involving Rx. I think in some obtuse way he had an important role to play in my past and now my present because he is a rational man of science and his validations are an integral part of my spiritual growth. I will reveal further dreams in subsequent postings, but for now I will leave you with these.

Love and Light,

Anne ^i^

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Message through the Phone Lines

My sister was two years older than I and probably my biggest supporter when I began to read for people outside my friend and family circle. She was quite proud of me and because of this gave out my phone number to complete strangers.
I recall this incident with agonizing clarity. I, in the midst of doing laundry, when Mary called me up giggling in her usual mischievous tone. "What did you do this time, Mar?" I asked her. A guy that she was seeing had a father that wanted a reading and Mary gave him my home number. She told me he was going to call in a short while and his name was "M". Reticent about the whole thing I expressed my reservations, but agreed none-the-less.
Image me knee deep in dirty laundry and alone in the basement praying out loud. I asked God to send me a spirit guide that would talk loudly and slowly to me. And if I couldn't hear them to repeat things that were important three times as an indicator that whatever it was I would take notice of it and convey to the receiver.
The phone was propped on top of the dryer and with each armful of laundry I continued to pray. There was no time to meditate because I had young children upstairs that would want my attention the minute I returned to them. My dear husband watched them as I readied myself downstairs.
When the phone rang, I jumped. A foreign speaking man introduced himself to me and said my sister advised to call. It was if I was listening in on a party line. Although I didn't audibly hear his wife, I could see her in my mind's eye. As he spoke, she began to show me the interior of his small apartment. The dingy tweed couch, the kitchen and a piano. I asked him if his wife, "V" was played the piano. He chucked and said,"Yes. She loved to play." She took me to the kitchen and showed me a hard pastry in her hands, "Yes," he confirmed, "She was a wonderful cook and loved to bake. No-one could bake as well as she could."
I could hear his wife laughing and wondered why. Then she focused on his feet. She showed me big holes in his socks. Not sure what to make of it I just gave the information to him. Surprisingly enough and he agreed, "Yes I have holes in my sock because he used to buy all my socks. I haven't bought any since." I chuckled, along with her, in my head. "M" accepted the informatin rather nonchalantly and permitted me to carry on. His wife conveyed the name, Maria and I asked him he if he recognized it. He acknowledged Maria to be his recently deceased sister. As he acknowledged her, she came through in my thoughts. A very lovely lady with dark hair and eyes. She wanted to talk "M" to a room where there was a dresser and in the dresser in a top draw under some white lacy garment was a card with a rose on it. He knew about the dresser but was unsure about the card. I also showed him a thick gold necklace that she wanted him to have.
During the reading I kept hearing the name DeSilva. "Does that mean anything to you?"
"No," he replied repeatedly, "Nothing." I could sense frustration on the other side that he did not accept the information but continued.
I saw a wallet full of money and conveyed it to him. At first I thought it was my wishful thinking that he might offer to pay me for my time. But that was not the case. He advised me that he was designing some sort of palm electronic device that was going to revolutionize the computer industry. He talk about stocks options and money investments coming his way. Maria practically yelled DeSilva at me, to repeat to him, and I did. Again, a very emphatic, "No."
My husband came down an hour later and gestured to me that it was time to stop. I had to agree with him. I was going in circles with this man and nothing more was being said.
About two days later I received an unexpected call from "M". I was busy with my children and somewhat perturbed that he would assume I would take another call from him without first agreeing to it. I found it very inconsiderate and rude. But as the powers that be, I started receiving messages for him anyway.
He told me he found the necklace and the birthday card he had received from his sister, prior to her passing, and wanted me to give him more.
His wife "V" came through and was laughing again. She presented to me a pair of black shoes that were actually painted brown. I started to chuckle and gave the information to him anyway. What did I have to lose. He paused for a second and confessed, "Yes, I painted my shoes because I needed a pair of brown shoes and I didn't want to buy new ones." I couldn't believe my ears. I could hear her laughing on the other side again and told him she was laughing. I guess he didn't take kindly to her laughing because he sounded annoyed.
I was interrupted and heard the name of DeSilva again and at this point in time I wasn't to worried about what he thought. He wasn't too worried that I had children and life also. So as a last attempt I asked him. "Who is DeSilva?" Sounding irritated at me, he replied, "I don't know any DeSilva's" He paused briefly to add. The only DeSilva I know of is my sister, Maria. Her last name was DeSilva. I though I wanted to drop the guy. I could hear a cheer on the other side and I dropped my head in disbelief. "You have got to be kidding me?" I said to him. I have been asking several times about DeSivlva and only know you can associate it to your sister?" I guess my aggravation was coming through in my tone because he quietened up. My husband came in the room very aggitated and shook his head. John whispered, "this is my day off and my time with you and the kids." I totally understood Johns frustration and said goodbye to "M".
There was only one other time "M" called me and my husband intercepted the call. He told him I was out. What I would like to impart is here is that even psychics deserve consideration for scheduling and person time.

I have only read over the phone twice and both times were very successful, which I am pleased to report.
Love and Light

Anne ^i^

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Psychic Nightmare!

My dear friend sent me an email asking if I would read for 6 of her co-workers. Naturally I agreed. After waiting a week to hear from her, I took it upon myself to visit the store where she works. Surprised that no-one confirmed the appointment, I was given the address and advised when to attend.

I prayed and meditated the next day, for that evening. As always I was nervous but reminded myself it's not me doing the work it is my spirit guides and the loved ones on the other side. All I have to do is receive it well.

I arrived at her door and after ringing the doorbell about three times at 7 pm, was escorted to the back porch where I was introduced to 8 people. One of the guests was already intoxicated and openly complaining about customers in her shop. Wow! the negativity was thick. Not an ideal atmosphere for psychic readings but none-the-less I prepared myself for the evening. The hostess didn't have a quiet place for me to read so I suggested the bedroom with a door that closed.

Naturally she was my first, the host usually is, and their reaction pretty much sets the mood for those waiting to be read. Her bed was like a huge pillow that sank in the middle. My back and legs balanced my overweight body so I wouldn't topple over. It was uncomfortable and it wasn't long before the lack of circulation to my feet caused them to ache.
When we started, I took a deep breath and waited for images and names to fill my head, but was abruptly interrupted by her dog when he pounced on the bed and started to hump my arm. She removed him when I asked her to. Not 15 minutes into the reading, I was startled by the screams and laughter just outside the open window. I struggled like never before to remain focused. It was like listening to a cell phone at a screamo concert - impossible. The sitter didn't acknowledge or dispute any of the details I imparted with her, making it difficult to gage my accuracy. She appeared content, but I was vastly disappointed. Not a good start at all.

I suggested taking the readings to the living room in a semi-darkened room away from the folks outside. It was a tad quieter and more comfortable. With pen in my hand and the sitter's ring in the other, messages came fast and furious. The words came out of my mouth faster than she or I could write them down. (We both took notes)
Images and names of loved ones came followed by physical descriptions and personalities. Her rapid succession of, " Yes, that's right, yes," helped the reading along. It was awesome and a natural high. The half hour turned into a hour and no-one bothered us. Validation after validation was received and delivered in amazing detail. I didn't want to stop and she was quite happy to sit there and listen. What a gift it was for me. The woman was a psychic's dream. It was without a doubt the most enjoyable reading I have ever given.

As I came to a finish, the outside crowd stormed the kitchen. It had turned into a full-fledged party and I was the side show. The entertainment.
Parched from the readings, I asked for a glass of water and went to the restroom to regroup. I heard later from a friend that one of the guests stated, "Some psychic. Takes a break when there are people waiting for a reading." If I had of heard that myself, I would have left. Unfortunately I didn't.
When I returned to my spot on the couch, the third sitter was there waiting for me. Even before I sat down I didn't feel right. Maybe it was her demeanor or carriage but something about her was intimidating. The once dim lit and quiet room was now bright and noisy. People were talking over each other to be heard. I suggested to the sitter that is was way too noisy for a good read and she yelled towards to kitchen to keep it down. yeah right - that worked - not. To make matters worse the dog returned to the couch and jumped up on my lap. I pushed it down before it went to town on me again. I got comfortable and took a ring of hers. I closed my eyes and waited to receive from the spirit world. Nothing came through. I waited some more - nothing. By this time I am usually right into details of a loved ones passing or a red flag for the living. I sensed that she had a difficult childhood but wouldn't commit until I received some sort of validation. I saw a tall dark haired male that came across as a brother but again nothing concrete. As I waited for something more solid the drunk female in the kitchen screamed, laughed and carried on as if I wasn't there. The sitter asked the partiers to keep it down and to call the dog off. It was a circus and I was a joke. If I had of had one modicum of confidence before, it was gone now. Mentally I wanted to go and not come back. This was not the way group readings are supposed to be conducted and I was getting physically sick and paralysed. As a matter of fact, I told the hostess that if I didn't start the next reading by receiving messages fairly quick I was done. It took a few minutes outside in the fresh air to regroup again. This was my gift that I take seriously and here I was being treated like a clown or a circus act.

When I asked who wants the next reading, I was ignored. Thoughts of calling my husband and telling him, "I'm coming home," was a heartbeat away. Then finally a soft spoken lady asked me to read for her. Trying to switch things up, I returned to the bedroom, closed my eyes and opened myself up to the spirit world. Yes, I could see the type of work she does and the direction it was going - places she and her husband have gone and where next they were headed. I felt the bed move and looked up to see the dog beside me with his paws wrapped around my arm. The sitter shushed him off. The reading took shape and I regained my confidence but wasn't sure I wanted to read any more after this one. The sitter was wonderfully receptive and helped the process along. Her reading was a good one and she appeared happy with it. It wasn't until we were done did she tell me I read for her mother earlier that evening. (the second woman) She was easy to connect with as was her mom. I was very relieved to be able to reconnect with the other side.
By this time mental fatigue was draining me. Just call me Side Show Bob. I amused myself because negativity has no place in readings especially not for the reader. No-one seemed very interested nor did they care. I was left alone and in a holding pattern for the next sitter to come in. After a 10 minute wait, I went looking for one. The hostess was outside partying with the drunken woman. And all I kept thinking was this will never happen again. Nope, nodda, zip.

Even as the last sitter accompanied me in the living room, guests arrived and left the party in a steady flow.
I could tell my last sitter was a tad anxious because she wanted her daughter to be present and script for her. I had no qualms with that and welcomed her in. The house was lit up like a Christmas tree, a huge floor fan was set on max next to me and all the windows were open. But I thought, no way this woman is going to walk away with anything less than a fantastic reading.
I came up with her brother's name right away. I described him and his health issues. She was receptive and apprehensive, but I continued on. I told her about her own health issues that need to be addressed and I was given a name that starts with "Mar", who was coming to see her. She shook her head -no. This person is a knitter I could see the things she was making. No again. Her daughter leaned over and whispered, "Aunt Marlene". My sitter giggled at the fact that she didn't recognize her sister. It was amusing because I would say your sister is coming from a place not close, but has a "C" in it. She shook her head. Her daughter leaned over again and whisper, "St. Catherine's" . I'd like to say that doesn't happen a lot in readings, but I would be lying. I described her son and his self-destructive ways, his excessive smoking, drinking and spending. I picked up that he loved speed and he I saw him around water. She confirmed he was all that and he just bought a boat and was planning to take in on the lake this weekend. I described another son and his very different life style from his older brother. And finally I described her husband and conveyed his deep love for her and the daughter (the one scribing) Her daughter brought levity to the reading as well as validating significant hits. It was a most enjoyable experience for me.

When the reading was over I joined the hostess and her guests outside on the deck. I only stayed a minute because I felt awkward and invisible. Not a problem because I was so ready to go home.

This whole experience, although not a total failure, has made me re-evaluate how I will conduct my reading sessions in the future. The word "Party" will not be in the description.

Love and Light

Anne ^i^