Sunday, July 19, 2009

Help from the Other Side

Some times we receive help from the other side in the most unique ways.

I have been experiencing terrible pain in one of my molars. It has been paining me for about two weeks now. I know I should have made an appointment with the dentist, but put it off. I haven't had the best of luck with my teeth and figured this wasn't going to be any different - root canals, heavy drilling - yuck, no thanks. I'll endure the pain for now.

Being the weekend no-one was going to be open and I wasn't going to spend 6 hours in the emergency department so that that the doctor can tell me that I need to see a dentist. Bullheaded comes to mind when it comes to my health. It can wait.

Last night I was in agony and by the time I went to bed my face was hot and throbbing with pain. John, my husband, was sympathetic but was helpless in trying to alleviate my discomfort. I watched the clock as each hour passed. If I could just fall asleep for a short time I wouldn't feel the pain. At about 3 a.m. I had taken as much pain as I could endure and went hunting for the Advil. I knew my oldest daughter had taken a couple the night before for a headache, so finding them was my challenge. Quietly, I crept around the house looking in all the usual and unusual places for the container. After an exhaustive search, to no avail, I returned to my bed.
John was struggling to find a comfortable position with his bad hip and I the same with my mouth. I laid there thinking that in the morning when I find the pills I will have relief and can take a nap to catch up on my lost sleep.

While I laid there in a twilight sleep a loud thump startled me into a full revive. John was not effected by this, but as I moved about John awoke.
He turned to me and said, " I just had a dream that you found the Advil. You said you found it on the floor beside your bed."
Always curious about dreams I asked for the details. "Who told you where the Advil is?" John sat up fully awake and pointed to the floor on my side of the bed saying, "You told me that you found the Advil and it was on the floor beside the bed." I turned on the light and leaned over the bed. There on the floor, exactly where John said it would be, were my Advil.
Totally floored by this revelation I took 3 of them and closed my eyes. I recall waking briefly after that and not feeling any pain. I thanked the spirits for delivering that message to John and went back to sleep.

Love and Light,

Anne ^i^


  1. First and foremost, I'm happy to hear that you found relief, were able to get a little sleep, and hope that the problem with your molar is resolved soon.

    The spirits were definitely with you and John last night. It amazes me how wisdom and guidance from the other side can be communicated to us. All that you give and continue to give others finally came back to you. I believe in miracles too. This experience most have seemed like a miracle to you being that you were in so much pain.

    Have a wonderful, painfree day, Anne!

    Love and hugssss
    Susan xo

    p.s. Seeing a dentist can be a real pain in the arse but I hope you find the strength to visit one soon. :)

  2. Thanks, Susan!! I have this night to get through and tomorrow is another day. John is still amazed about the dream. :D

    Anne ^i^


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