Sunday, July 12, 2009

Validating Lucid Dreams

Several years ago I had a recurring dream. It always carried out the same way. I'd be standing outside a huge barn looking up at the roof. It was unique in that half of the roof was covered with grass which seemed to be built into the hillside. (The picture shown is what one might imagine I saw in the dream.)

In a heart beat I was in the barn walking around. There was a vintage car and a wall of boxes obscuring it from the open barn doors. On the other side of the boxes was a wood burning stove. I recall the floor being dirty with grease spots. From there I was on the roof with my family doctor - Rx, I will call him. He and I were looking down a large hole in the roof and were holding onto a short rope. At the end of the rope was my son, Chris, and he was only about 10 years old, suspended high above the ground. Chris was able to climb up to the opening and just as we were about to pull him out, he dropped to his death. I knew he was dead and looked at him motionless on the ground.

From there we, Rx and I, were sitting outside a bistro enjoying the company of another couple. We were celebrating some sort of graduation and Rx was laughing and talking very loudly which was visibly disturbing a blonde woman at the next table. In this part of the dream I was Rx's wife and the woman at the other table, his real wife, was the stranger. They bickered back and forth for a short time and then the scenario changed.

From there I wandered away into a beautiful lush field of grass. I walked for some time until I arrived at a white garden gazebo that stood alone in the middle of nowhere. I instinctively knew it to be located on the grounds of a seniors' residence.

These scenarios repeated night after night with the same clarity as they did the first night I dreamt them.

In reality it was about this time that my family experienced frequent illnesses that required a visit to our doctor's office. It was my turn to visit Rx for some unknown reason. Before getting up to leave his office, I wanted to tell him of the recurring dream and that he was in it. Curious, he prompted me to elaborate on the details. I told him about the barn with the grass on the roof and described the interior. With a look of surprise. He said, "you have just described my barn and there is grass on half of the roof." Rx confirmed every detail from the vintage vehicle and wall of boxes to the wood burning stove. He didn't connect with the hole in the roof other than the stove pipe.

As for the bistro, Rx told me that his wife's hair was blonde and she was upset with him. I didn't know the connection with the seniors' residence until I had subsequent dreams that took me there. It was as if I were receiving the foundation of something epic to come.

These dreams always seemed to fall on the night before a doctor's appointment, as if deliberately arranged by some unseen force. The following short scenarios, all recalled from memory, were conveyed to Rx and each one was validated by him to be true.

I told him I dreamt of a woman by the name, Shirley. I was shown that she had cancer and she was connected to a female by the named of Sharon. Rx suspected that I did some research before coming to seeing him. But I insisted I did not. Shirley is his aunt and she had a relapse in her cancer. Sharon is Shirley's daughter, his cousin, who is going through a rough time with her boyfriend. Although the information was not earth shattering it was the stepping stone for bigger things to come.

At another visit I recited a list of names, apparently patients of his, that were dying of cancer. He concurred that the list of names I gave him was, in fact, correct.

On a subsequent visit I told Rx that I had a dream of a man that look like Andy Warhol, with white unkempt hair and an ashen complexion by the name, George. I recall seeing the man in a seniors home and the nurse saying, "The room is available now." I told Rx I didn't know what to make of that dream. Rx confirmed first by saying, "Your freaking me out! I did have a patient by a name close to that and the reason he look ashen was because he died last night in a seniors' residence and the nurse did say the room was available."

This went on for months and months. To the point where one day, I was walking down the street with my husband and I said, "We're going to run into Rx today." Just around the corner as we approached the bakery, Rx exited it and jokingly raised a paper bag to me and asked, "OK, what do I have in the bag?" I chuckled and said, "I don't know what's in the bag but I did have a dream of you in the hospital standing near a low wall where you placed a stack of papers and a note addressed to you that read, "Thanks Rx from Jackie." I asked him what the fluorescent stickers were. Rx, seemingly amused by the details, nervously chuckled and added, "I find this all so entertaining because I was given bio hazardous material stickers from a woman by the name, Jackie, to put on the metal supply shelves." I was on a natural high every time he validated my dreams. I wish I could say the same for my poor doctor. After a while I could see that he was physically shaken by my visions.

My dreams span over many years involving Rx. I think in some obtuse way he had an important role to play in my past and now my present because he is a rational man of science and his validations are an integral part of my spiritual growth. I will reveal further dreams in subsequent postings, but for now I will leave you with these.

Love and Light,

Anne ^i^

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  1. What an amazing story, Anne! I have often wondered if dreams meant anything and hearing about your dreams really brings things to light. You have a wonderful gift -- a gift that must be unnerving for you sometimes. Thank you for sharing your memories with us. A real eye-opening blog for sure!
    Love and hugsssss xo


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