Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Psychic Nightmare!

My dear friend sent me an email asking if I would read for 6 of her co-workers. Naturally I agreed. After waiting a week to hear from her, I took it upon myself to visit the store where she works. Surprised that no-one confirmed the appointment, I was given the address and advised when to attend.

I prayed and meditated the next day, for that evening. As always I was nervous but reminded myself it's not me doing the work it is my spirit guides and the loved ones on the other side. All I have to do is receive it well.

I arrived at her door and after ringing the doorbell about three times at 7 pm, was escorted to the back porch where I was introduced to 8 people. One of the guests was already intoxicated and openly complaining about customers in her shop. Wow! the negativity was thick. Not an ideal atmosphere for psychic readings but none-the-less I prepared myself for the evening. The hostess didn't have a quiet place for me to read so I suggested the bedroom with a door that closed.

Naturally she was my first, the host usually is, and their reaction pretty much sets the mood for those waiting to be read. Her bed was like a huge pillow that sank in the middle. My back and legs balanced my overweight body so I wouldn't topple over. It was uncomfortable and it wasn't long before the lack of circulation to my feet caused them to ache.
When we started, I took a deep breath and waited for images and names to fill my head, but was abruptly interrupted by her dog when he pounced on the bed and started to hump my arm. She removed him when I asked her to. Not 15 minutes into the reading, I was startled by the screams and laughter just outside the open window. I struggled like never before to remain focused. It was like listening to a cell phone at a screamo concert - impossible. The sitter didn't acknowledge or dispute any of the details I imparted with her, making it difficult to gage my accuracy. She appeared content, but I was vastly disappointed. Not a good start at all.

I suggested taking the readings to the living room in a semi-darkened room away from the folks outside. It was a tad quieter and more comfortable. With pen in my hand and the sitter's ring in the other, messages came fast and furious. The words came out of my mouth faster than she or I could write them down. (We both took notes)
Images and names of loved ones came followed by physical descriptions and personalities. Her rapid succession of, " Yes, that's right, yes," helped the reading along. It was awesome and a natural high. The half hour turned into a hour and no-one bothered us. Validation after validation was received and delivered in amazing detail. I didn't want to stop and she was quite happy to sit there and listen. What a gift it was for me. The woman was a psychic's dream. It was without a doubt the most enjoyable reading I have ever given.

As I came to a finish, the outside crowd stormed the kitchen. It had turned into a full-fledged party and I was the side show. The entertainment.
Parched from the readings, I asked for a glass of water and went to the restroom to regroup. I heard later from a friend that one of the guests stated, "Some psychic. Takes a break when there are people waiting for a reading." If I had of heard that myself, I would have left. Unfortunately I didn't.
When I returned to my spot on the couch, the third sitter was there waiting for me. Even before I sat down I didn't feel right. Maybe it was her demeanor or carriage but something about her was intimidating. The once dim lit and quiet room was now bright and noisy. People were talking over each other to be heard. I suggested to the sitter that is was way too noisy for a good read and she yelled towards to kitchen to keep it down. yeah right - that worked - not. To make matters worse the dog returned to the couch and jumped up on my lap. I pushed it down before it went to town on me again. I got comfortable and took a ring of hers. I closed my eyes and waited to receive from the spirit world. Nothing came through. I waited some more - nothing. By this time I am usually right into details of a loved ones passing or a red flag for the living. I sensed that she had a difficult childhood but wouldn't commit until I received some sort of validation. I saw a tall dark haired male that came across as a brother but again nothing concrete. As I waited for something more solid the drunk female in the kitchen screamed, laughed and carried on as if I wasn't there. The sitter asked the partiers to keep it down and to call the dog off. It was a circus and I was a joke. If I had of had one modicum of confidence before, it was gone now. Mentally I wanted to go and not come back. This was not the way group readings are supposed to be conducted and I was getting physically sick and paralysed. As a matter of fact, I told the hostess that if I didn't start the next reading by receiving messages fairly quick I was done. It took a few minutes outside in the fresh air to regroup again. This was my gift that I take seriously and here I was being treated like a clown or a circus act.

When I asked who wants the next reading, I was ignored. Thoughts of calling my husband and telling him, "I'm coming home," was a heartbeat away. Then finally a soft spoken lady asked me to read for her. Trying to switch things up, I returned to the bedroom, closed my eyes and opened myself up to the spirit world. Yes, I could see the type of work she does and the direction it was going - places she and her husband have gone and where next they were headed. I felt the bed move and looked up to see the dog beside me with his paws wrapped around my arm. The sitter shushed him off. The reading took shape and I regained my confidence but wasn't sure I wanted to read any more after this one. The sitter was wonderfully receptive and helped the process along. Her reading was a good one and she appeared happy with it. It wasn't until we were done did she tell me I read for her mother earlier that evening. (the second woman) She was easy to connect with as was her mom. I was very relieved to be able to reconnect with the other side.
By this time mental fatigue was draining me. Just call me Side Show Bob. I amused myself because negativity has no place in readings especially not for the reader. No-one seemed very interested nor did they care. I was left alone and in a holding pattern for the next sitter to come in. After a 10 minute wait, I went looking for one. The hostess was outside partying with the drunken woman. And all I kept thinking was this will never happen again. Nope, nodda, zip.

Even as the last sitter accompanied me in the living room, guests arrived and left the party in a steady flow.
I could tell my last sitter was a tad anxious because she wanted her daughter to be present and script for her. I had no qualms with that and welcomed her in. The house was lit up like a Christmas tree, a huge floor fan was set on max next to me and all the windows were open. But I thought, no way this woman is going to walk away with anything less than a fantastic reading.
I came up with her brother's name right away. I described him and his health issues. She was receptive and apprehensive, but I continued on. I told her about her own health issues that need to be addressed and I was given a name that starts with "Mar", who was coming to see her. She shook her head -no. This person is a knitter I could see the things she was making. No again. Her daughter leaned over and whispered, "Aunt Marlene". My sitter giggled at the fact that she didn't recognize her sister. It was amusing because I would say your sister is coming from a place not close, but has a "C" in it. She shook her head. Her daughter leaned over again and whisper, "St. Catherine's" . I'd like to say that doesn't happen a lot in readings, but I would be lying. I described her son and his self-destructive ways, his excessive smoking, drinking and spending. I picked up that he loved speed and he I saw him around water. She confirmed he was all that and he just bought a boat and was planning to take in on the lake this weekend. I described another son and his very different life style from his older brother. And finally I described her husband and conveyed his deep love for her and the daughter (the one scribing) Her daughter brought levity to the reading as well as validating significant hits. It was a most enjoyable experience for me.

When the reading was over I joined the hostess and her guests outside on the deck. I only stayed a minute because I felt awkward and invisible. Not a problem because I was so ready to go home.

This whole experience, although not a total failure, has made me re-evaluate how I will conduct my reading sessions in the future. The word "Party" will not be in the description.

Love and Light

Anne ^i^


  1. you are very gifted...I am going to follow this blog...

  2. Oh my goodness! What a nightmare that must have been for you. One would think that those people would have been more considerate especially when you shared your wonderful gift with them.
    I can't believe how terribly you were treated.
    You're so right! The word 'party' should not be anywhere near a reading.

    Thank you again for sharing not only your gift but also the trials and tribulations you had to endure. It's an eyeopener for those considering having a reading. BE CONSIDERATE to others!

    Love and hugsssss
    Susan xo


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