Saturday, March 20, 2010

The spirits are active

I truly love when spirits make themselves know to us. It is comforting when one of our loved ones on the other side moves objects or speaks out loud in an attempt to make us aware of their presence.

Our home is full of oddities. From the lady in the white dress the wanders the stairs and hallway to the cowboy in the basement that sends chills down your neck when he is present.

Since March break commenced we have experience a few more of these anomalies than usual.

Yesterday John and I were sitting on the couch in the living room relaxing for a moment. Our son and youngest daughter were in the family room just down the hall. I could hear them commenting on the movie they were watching. As John and I stared out the front window in silence we both heard what could only be described as a door handle turning and a door opening. Five seconds later we heard the door close. I looked at John and asked, "aren't the kids down here?" He replied, "I thought so." I called out to the kids and they both answered from the family room. I called in Chris and explained to him what we just heard. He went upstairs and hollered out. "My bedroom door was closed (as we know it always is) and now it's open and my weights are moved.

We looked at each other again and smiled. This visit was more obvious and deliberate than most and it was during the day.

This morning I slept in while John got up to make breakfast. When he left the room he closed the door, as always. I crawled out of bed maybe 10 minutes later and went into the en suit. Another ten minutes later I opened the bathroom door and noticed our bedroom door was half open. Odd, because our door is imbalanced and swings open and hits the wall every time it is not closed. As I looked at the still and half opened door it started to open very slowly and stopped short of hitting the wall.

Not concern but pleased in a cheeky way I checked the hallway and the kids rooms. Renee, my youngest was still sleeping in her bed. I could hear my son and husband downstairs talking. I asked them both, and Renee later, if anyone of them opened my bedroom door. They all reply, no.

I am quite excited about this activity and wonder what they have in store for us next.

I might add that we do protect ourselves from negative entities with prayer and meditation. So whatever, or whomever, rather, opened the doors is a positive entity.

Thanks for dropping by.

Love and Light.
Anne ^i^

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